How to benefit?
active roofs
How to benefit

Constructing an Activity Roof requires an initial investment and there are pitfalls to consider during the design and construction phase. Still, it’s a smart choice.

A smart choice

 Here’s why:

  • Space is a scarce commodity. An Activity Roof makes optimal use of that limited area. Additional space can also help to optimise the organisation of the building.
  • An active roof is usually on top of a building. However, it can also be a roof of an underground car park. So a roof on level 0 with extra space for a park, playground, sports field, ... 
  • As many governments are rethinking the way they will shape future cities, new regulations and recommendations will be issued. Roof activation is expected to play a crucial role in this. By installing the correct build-up now, you can comply with new regulations in the future, without additional costs to prepare your roof surface.
  • An Activity Roof adds value to its users and to the urban environment. This will be reflected in increased rental or selling prices. A definite return on investment.
  • An Activity Roof can be a source of income. Think of a car park, an energy roof or renting out the space for telecom masts. The possibilities are endless.
  • Activated roofs are gaining popularity and are increasingly being implemented in cities that are intentionally seeking to build a sustainable future. This trend is set to continue strongly between 2025 and 2030, with an expected growth of 8% in market size. You can be a frontrunner, pushing the trend forward. Set the scene for others to be inspired!
  • You will contribute actively to creating more sustainable cities, where community life is valued and the effects of climate change are addressed. You will also help reduce risks of flooding and urban warming, helping to clean the air we breathe.

Meet your partner in crime

Once you have decided to integrate an Activity Roof in to your next building project, consider carefully what products and solutions you will work with and which partner can offer you the peace of mind that is essential to any building project. As established experts in the flat roof market, we are your perfect partner in crime. 

Here's why:

  • Building an active roof based on the FOAMGLAS® Compact Roof build-up offers you flexibility in the future. As your needs change, so can the functionality of your roof. One day, you could have a rooftop terrace with urban farming, the next day a tennis court or a parking deck. Whatever the future brings, it’s feasible on your rooftop.
  • When it comes to the build-up of your Activity Roof, no compromises should be made. Our experienced FOAMGLAS® technical team is there to guide you through your project, every step of the way. A premium service that is part of the deal. We’ll do whatever it takes to remove your worries.
  • The FOAMGLAS® technical team is there from start to finish. As an architect, you can count on their expertise during the design phase of the building, with expert advice, technical documents and drawings. As a contractor, you and your team will receive practical training, expanding their knowledge and skills, which could prove invaluable in the future. Our team will be right by your side on the jobsite during start-up, making sure everything runs smoothly.
  • By constructing an Active Roof based on the FOAMGLAS® Compact Roof build-up, you have the option to discuss favourable insurance fees with your insurance companies. As FOAMGLAS® is an incombustible and 100% water resistant product, it greatly reduces the risk of any damage to your rooftop, decreasing the risk for your insurance company.
  • Correct water evacuation is a challenge for any building project, especially in Active Roofs. FOAMGLAS® TAPERED is a more than convenient solution. It integrates water evacuation directly into the insulation rather than into the structure of the building. Our team of experts calculate the perfect slope for your surface, taking all aspects of your project into account.

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A premium service is part of the deal.
We’ll do whatever it takes to remove your worries.

Learn more about our FOAMGLAS® TAPERED SERVICES 

FOAMGLAS® TAPERED is a high-quality insulation and water evacuation solution in one; a cut-to-fall insulation system. Our FOAMGLAS® TAPERED insulation layer adds water evacuation directly into the insulation rather than the structure of the building. This results in less concrete and a lighter load, saving considerable time on the job site and reducing the risk of an incorrect execution.

Unlike alternative insulation solutions, the gradient of FOAMGLAS® TAPERED can be reduced thanks to the exceptional combination of properties such as compressive strength, dimensional stability and water tightness.

Proper drainage and watertight insulation alleviate the risk of any future leaks, guaranteeing a long lifetime with no standing water.

The high compressive strength will prevent any deformation, with no risk of flaws or damage.

How does our FOAMGLAS® TAPERED service work?

Our sales engineer will cooperate closely with you, making sure all details needed to design the tapered surface for your project are perfect. This includes information about the circumference of the surface, sills, eaves and the height restrictions of the roof and water drains. The slope, optimal discharge direction and desired thermal performance are also discussed.

The perfect slope for your surface is calculated, taking all aspects into account.

Our expert TAPERED studies team will then guide you through every step of the process, examining all of your needs and taking into account every single detail of your project. They will provide you with visual drawings and a detailed installation plan for a high-quality insulation solution that will stand the test of time.

FOAMGLAS® projects around the world

More than 80 years of innovation and experience with FOAMGLAS® cellular glass insulation have resulted in countless successful projects around the world. We are proud of every single achievement and are delighted to share them with you.

MAS Museum Antwerp Belgium

MAS - Museum


The MAS museum in Antwerp is a modern architectural marvel and a conceptual and technical masterpiece. The MAS offers fantastic views of the city of Antwerp and its surroundings. FOAMGLAS® cellular glass, with its pressure resistant properties, was used on the roof, protecting this beautiful project for many years to come.

Den Sorte Diamant Kopenhagen Denmark

The Royal Danish Library


The Royal Danish Library, also known as The Black Diamond, is one of the most iconic buildings in the harbour of Copenhagen. FOAMGLAS® cellular glass protects the brand new patio with pedestrian traffic thanks to its durable, pressure-resistant properties. An extension of the iconic building that will stand the test of time.

Parliament-europeen_Strasbourg France

European Parliament of Strasbourg 


The European Parliament is a symbol of peace of freedom, and the building has incredibly high technical requirements and sustainability goals. FOAMGLAS® thermal insulation protects the massive 15.000 m² roof of the European Parliament thanks to its perfect dimensional stability and impenetrability.

State library Berlin Germany

State library


To protect and conserve the priceless collection of books and cultural goods in The Berlin State Library, the storeroom building has a FOAMGLAS® cellular glass compact roof with roof vegetation. Cellular glass offers protection against ageing processes, rain and fire because it is water and vapour resistant, as well as non-flammable.

European Court of Justice Luxembourg

The European Court of Justice


The European Court of Justice is an architectural marvel located on the Kirchberg Plateau in Luxembourg. FOAMGLAS® insulation was the obvious choice for the roof terrace. Due to its fire resistance and incompressibility, cellular glass guarantees a long lifespan for the roof of this incredible building.

TU Delft

Library, TU-Delft

The Netherlands

The library of Delft University of Technology, designed by Mecanoo Architects, was completed in 1998 and won the National Steel Award because of its special construction. Because the intensive green roof was not constructed correctly, a complete renovation became necessary the first 10 years.


Atocha Station


Atocha Station, dating back to 1851, was the very first railway station in Madrid. Recent renovations have modernised the station, with FOAMGLAS® cellular glass being one of the key elements. FOAMGLAS® was used for the compact roof. It is compression-resistant, accessible to foot traffic and built out of ecological materials.

Pinar Logistics Istanbul

Pinar logistic


The parking roof of the enormous 25.600 m2 Pinar Logistic Centre required insulation material that wouldn’t deform over time. FOAMGLAS® cellular glass insulation has the highest compressive strength of any insulating material. There is no risk of movement or deformation. The long-term insulation is here to stay.

Shard Tower_Level 75_Roof_PCUK

Shard Tower

United Kingdom

Shard Tower in London is currently the tallest building in Western Europe. To protect this impressive feat of modern architecture, FOAMGLAS® tapered insulation was used for the entrance to London Bridge Station and on the roof. Compressive strength, long-term insulation and an efficient waterproofing system were key.

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