European Parliament of Strasbourg 

Parliament-europeen_Strasbourg France

The European Parliament is a symbol of peace of freedom, and the building has incredibly high technical requirements and sustainability goals. FOAMGLAS® thermal insulation protects the massive 15.000 m² roof of the European Parliament thanks to its perfect dimensional stability and impenetrability.

AS Architecture-Studio and associated architect G. Valente
Compact Roof, inaccessible

The European Parliament houses a semicircle of 750 seats, more than 1,100 offices, and 18 committee rooms with 50 to 350 seats. The building’s architecture embodies the principal of democracy as a carrier of peace and freedom. All stakeholders in this project, including Bureau d’Etude OTE, chose very high technical requirements and sustainability goals.

To ensure the longevity of the building, FOAMGLAS® was chosen for insulating the roof terrace. The insulation’s closed glass cell structure ensures dimensional stability and vapour tightness, providing total protection for the large terrace. With its minimum 60% recycled glass content, and true sustainability, FOAMGLAS® contributes to a truly ecological and sustainable future for this most important European building.

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