Parc des Princes stadium

Parc des Princes_PARIS France

When the roof of the mythical Parc des Princes stadium in Paris required renovation, the entire structure was removed and replaced with aluminium beams and solid steel sheets. FOAMGLAS® panels were installed onto the steel sheets for further waterproofing. Their durable resistance to compression was also a key factor.


After many years of being accessed by camera crews and media personnel, the roof this famous stadium was in need of renovation. The Local Architecture Section for PARIS 16 decided to undertake major works and permanently solve the roof problem.

The new design was to completely remove the old wooden roof support framework insulation and waterproofing. New lightweight aluminium purlins were spaced at 33 cm, and covered over with new profiled metal sheet, perforated and covered with an acoustic treatment to reduce crowd noise.

To minimise weight, eliminate thermal bridging and avoid corrosion, FOAMGLAS® READY BOARD T4+ insulation was bonded using cold adhesive onto the profiled metal sheet, no mechanical fixings were fixed into the profile metal. A torch on bitumen membrane is applied over the READY BOARD, to provide high performance waterproofing.

When subjected to compressive loads FOAMGLAS® does not move or deflect and so this new roof can be accessed by maintenance crews and television channels to install their match transmission equipment, the insulation easily supports these significant compressive loads.

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