Megasport Arena

Megasport Arena Moscow

A compact roof on steel deck for the Megasport Arena in Moscow. The FOAMGLAS® cellular glass will ensure a lifetime of performance without degradation.

Bokov Andrey
Compact Roof on steel deck

The erection of the Ice Palace in Moscow, later renamed the Megasport Arena started in November 2005 at the Khodynka Field. This beautiful multi-purpose arena was completed in December 2006. Moscow Megasport is an unrivalled construction, meeting all the modern requirements needed to carrying out international sporting events. Basically it is aimed at hosting hockey, figure skating and short-track contests as well as over 20 other sports.

The Megasport Arena radiates with its festive look. An unusual hovering ceiling is like a giant chandelier in the centre supporting a media cube providing a large four sided visual display which gives the 14 000 spectators a perfect view of the Ice surface. The media cube provides a colorful backdrop to the multi-colored seating design around the arena.

FOAMGLAS® slabs were used in the Roof construction and are adhesively bonded to the crowns of the steel deck. The bonding technique, the high compressive strength & the dimensional stability of the insulation achieve an excellent rigidity of the whole roof system. Non-combustibility of FOAMGLAS® plays also a key role in preventing possible damage in the future. Warm indoor air with high humidity – like a sport hall building – must not be allowed to condense within the construction build up otherwise the thermal integrity will not be maintained.

FOAMGLAS® with its closed cellular glass structure is non hygroscopic, fully water and vapor-proof, keeping moisture out in long term. Insulating the roof of a high humidity building with FOAMGLAS® fulfills all requirements regarding building physics and indoor air quality. Finally this roof solution ensures a lifetime of performance without degradation.

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