Paris Nord station


To guarantee safe access to trains for people with reduced mobility at Gare du Nord, a powerful construction was needed. FOAMGLAS® FLOOR BOARD F with a breaking strength of 16 kg/cm2 was chosen. It allows variable heights and provides a perfect supporting layer for the intense stress the structure has to endure.

Inside Floor Insulation

Réseau Ferré de France and SNCF have launched a station platform renovation program to facilitate access to trains for people with reduced mobility. The objective is to harmonize the height of the platforms with that of the accesses to the trains.

The presence of galleries (technical rooms, various accesses) under the platforms and the load limits of existing concrete supports, led the contractor seek a light material offering a compressive strength that remains unalterable through the course of time, and with a mode of application that allows speed of execution.

FOAMGLAS® FLOOR BOARD F (breaking strength: 16 kg/cm2) was chosen. It allowed achievement of variable increased heights from 10 to 30 cm. Applied in loose lay and double-layer methods, it provides a perfect supporting layer for the reinforced screed and asphalt finish that is subject to the intense stresses that is typical of this type of structure.

FOAMGLAS® solution

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