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Owens Corning FOAMGLAS® thermal insulation made of cellular glass

FOAMGLAS® cellular glass insulation is a light weight, rigid and durable insulation material, composed of millions of completely sealed glass cells. It offers an exceptional combination of properties such as incombustibility, superior compressive strength, guaranteed water- and vapour tightness and long lasting thermal insulation performance.   

FOAMGLAS® insulation is your partner in any demanding situation where preventing leakage or condensation is critical.  We offer high-performance insulation solutions for waterproof buildings, industrial installations, marine and HVAC applications. Our solutions also insulate loadbearing heavy duty surfaces such as flat roofs, underground, and oil & gas tank bases. Best-in-class technical service, from the design and critical detailing to the installation, is included in order to give you peace of mind.


The easy to use U-value calculator, for flat roof applications

We have developed an easy-to-use U-value calculator for flat roof applications.

Calculations are possible in 2 directions:

- Calculating the U-value of the construction by selecting the construction element types and their thicknesses.

- Calculating the thickness of the FOAMGLAS for the given U-value by selecting the missing construction element types and thicknesses.

The fire performance of Foamglas® insulation

The correct specification and installation of building products and materials - including insulation - is critical to achieve fire safety and minimise the development and spread of fire.

Non-combustible insulation gives peace of mind for specifiers and building owners alike.

FOAMGLAS® cellular glass insulation does not burn and does not contribute to fire spread. It does not release smoke or toxic gases, nor produce flaming droplets which can cause injury and contribute to fire development.

The load bearing thermal break solution 


At FOAMGLAS we see PERINSUL HL as 'the insulation that thinks it is a brick'.

The products compressive strength, durability and dimensional stability allows it to be installed in structural load-bearing areas of a building without fear of it moving or flexing.

It is well-suited to masonry construction -  straightforward to lay in mortar, and coursing in with brick and blockwork walls to suite the position needed - but also designed for timber framed and steel framed construction. 

Capable of bearing the structural load of up to two stories above it, PERINSUL HL is suitable for a wide range of building types.

FOAMGLAS® insulation reference projects

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