FOAMGLAS® TAPERED - "Cut to falls" Insulation System

When it’s time to start a new construction project or renovate an existing one, ask yourself the question: is there enough of a slope in the flat roof or floor to ensure proper drainage? This can be a challenge for any building project. But at Owens Corning FOAMGLAS®, we have a solution.

The easiest way to guarantee correct water evacuation is to add it directly into the insulation, rather than the structure of the building. Our team of experts calculate the perfect slope for your surface, taking all specifications of your building project into account.  

The slopes are included in the FOAMGLAS® TAPERED insulation layer without having to integrate them into the structure of the building. The result? Perfect water drainage, plenty of time saved on the job site and a reduced risk of incorrect execution.


FOAMGLAS® TAPERED is a high-quality insulation and water evacuation solution in one. A cut-to-falls insulation system that is ideal for surfaces that need to be both well insulated and guarantee proper water evacuation.  

Our solution provides excellent insulation with prefabricated slopes that are a perfect fit for your building or project. And just like you have come to expect from FOAMGLAS® insulation, our FOAMGLAS® TAPERED offers optimal insulation and protection against moisture for generations to come. The high durability of FOAMGLAS® insulation also protects your valuable assets, guarantees minimal maintenance costs, is non-flammable, can withstand high pressure and is resistant to fungi and vermin.

How does FOAMGLAS® TAPERED work?

First things first: our sales engineer will cooperate closely with you, making sure all details needed to design the tapered surface for your project are perfect. This includes information about the circumference of the surface, sills, eaves as well as the maximum or minimum height of the roof and water drains. Other key information includes the required slope, the optimal discharge direction and the desired thermal performance.

Our expert TAPERED studies team will guide you through every step of the process, closely examining all of your needs and taking into account every single detail of your project. They will then provide you with visual drawings and a detailed installation plan. This guarantees a high quality FOAMGLAS® TAPERED insulation solution that will stand the test of time.

What's in it for me?

There are many benefits to FOAMGLAS® TAPERED. The durable insulation solution will give you total peace of mind: proper drainage and watertight insulation alleviate the risk of any future leaks, guaranteeing a long lifetime with no standing water. The high compressive strength will also prevent any deformation, with no risk of flaws or damage.

FOAMGLAS® TAPERED is easy to install. We will provide you with clear installation instructions free of charge. And because we work with small formats, less on-site sawing is required, greatly reducing installation time and waste.

Working with FOAMGLAS® TAPERED will save you both time and material. The need for a separate screed to falls is eliminated entirely, reducing weight, labour and building materials.

Unlike alternative solutions, the gradient of FOAMGLAS® TAPERED can be reduced. That’s because FOAMGLAS® insulation has the built-in safety of being 100% watertight, preventing leaks even in case of ponding water. The result? Less total thickness and less material required.

You will be pleased to hear that FOAMGLAS® TAPERED is cost efficient: the high durability preserves maximum value and guarantees minimal maintenance costs over time.

Let's get technical

Do you want to deep dive into the technical details of FOAMGLAS® TAPERED? The following brochures and technical documents are available to download for your reading pleasure. Looking for a product data sheet on our TAPERED products? We have you covered.

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