FOAMGLAS® TAPERED - "Cut to falls" Insulation System

When it’s time to start a new construction project or renovate an existing one, ask yourself the question. “Will the roof slope ensure efficient rainwater drainage”? Rainwater drainage can be a challenge for any building project.  Here at Owens Corning FOAMGLAS®, we have a tried and tested solution.

The easiest way to ensure efficient rainwater drainage on a warm roof; is to have a slope upon the top surface of the insulation, and not the roof structure. There is no need for a screed to falls. Taking all of your specifications into account; our team of product experts will help you design the best drainage configuration for your roof.  

The slopes are upon the FOAMGLAS® TAPERED insulation. There is no need to design and build a sloping roof structure. The result... Install the insulation and you quickly have high quality thermal performance and efficient and reliable rainwater drainage.


FOAMGLAS® TAPERED Insulation provides a high-quality insulation system and rainwater drainage solution in one product. A cut-to-falls insulation system providing reliable insulating performance and reliable, efficient rainwater drainage. 

You now have high quality insulation with prefabricated slopes designed and manufactured specifically for your project. As you have come to expect from FOAMGLAS® our TAPERED insulation provides optimal insulation performance and protection against vapour for many years to come. The high durability of non-combustible FOAMGLAS® insulation protects your building and ensures minimal maintenance costs.


First things first. Your local FOAMGLAS® product expert, will make sure you have all the necessary dimensions and details from which we can design your tapered insulation system. We will check and discuss, all the necessary parameters such as critical, heights parapets, thresholds, and outlets, ensuring you have optimum insulating performance and rainwater drainage.

Our expert TAPERED design team will provide you with a fully detailed roof plan, including visual drawings, showing all heights and slopes.  This guarantees a high quality FOAMGLAS® TAPERED insulation solution that will stand the test of time. 

What's in it for me?

There are many benefits to the FOAMGLAS® TAPERED insulation system. The durable insulation solution will give you total peace of mind: it provides proven reliable insulating performance. Its rigid closed cell structure ensures it will support high compressive loads without deformation or movement. The project specific tapered design and factory machined tapered slope provides efficient and reliable rainwater drainage. These unique features come together in the FOAMGLAS Tapered Roof System to give you complete peace of mind.

FOAMGLAS® TAPERED insulation is easy to install. Each 60cm x 45cm Tapered insulation block is shown upon the installation drawing.  This block size means less site cutting is required, greatly reducing installation time and waste offcuts. 

Working with FOAMGLAS® TAPERED insulation will save you both time and material. There is no longer the need for a screed to falls. It is eliminated; reducing weight, reducing install time; and completely removing the screed materials and drying time.

Unlike alternative solutions, the gradient of FOAMGLAS® TAPERED can be reduced. That’s because FOAMGLAS® insulation has the built-in safety of being 100% watertight, preventing leaks even in case of ponding water. The result? Less total thickness and less material required.

You will be pleased to hear that FOAMGLAS® TAPERED Insulation is highly durable providing best long-term value with minimal maintenance costs.



Let's get technical

For more technical details about FOAMGLAS® TAPERED Insulation, the following brochures and technical documents are available to download 
Looking for a product data sheet on our TAPERED insulation products? Find it here.


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