New Acropolis Museum


The new Acropolis museum will exhibit some of the most famous classical Greek treasures of all time. To help make the museum a “Green Building”, FOAMGLAS® was used for the compact roof. Its dimensional stability, pressure resistance and waterproof nature helps FOAMGLAS® meet the high demands of the construction.

Bernard Tschumi, Michael Photiadis
Compact Roof

A project much spoken of has been finalized as a building which has become internationally famous for the Greek classical treasures it is exhibiting. The designers were consistent to their initial main concern for solutions that would combine the integration of the site’s excavations, the use of natural light as well as the balance between the Museum and the Acropolis monument.

Their efforts together with the contractor where constantly targeting a sustainable construction that would characterize the outcome as a “Green Building.” There are three main materials employed: glass, reinforced concrete and steel with marble floor cladding.

On the accessible concrete deck of level 2. T4 slabs have been used. The final surface consists of marble slabs placed on adjustable pedestals. With its’ unique combination of technical characteristics – dimensional stability, high pressure resistance, without deformation, impermeability to water [water vapor] and longevity – FOAMGLAS® has met the extremely high demands of the construction contributing at the same time to the “environmental character” of the New Museum.

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