Paved roof for pedestrian use on concrete structure

Paved roofs used by pedestrians and cyclists are constantly exposed to continuous, various loads. Ever wonder how they are insulated? FOAMGLAS® insulation with dimensional stability protects against deformation and water leaks and guarantees the safety of everyone.

System benefits

  • Quality: System with high quality materials. Quality management through systematic site inspections and professional consulting.
  • Cost efficiency: The high durability preserves maximum value and guarantees minimal maintenance costs.
  • Sustainability: Optimum insulation and protection against moisture for generations.
  • Safety: Compact, fully bonded insulation system preventing large-scale damages and renovations in the event of a leak caused by a puncture of the roofing membrane.
  • Functionality: Insulation and vapour barrier in one single functional layer. Flexible and easy installation of a gradient through prefabricated tapered slabs.

Technical Data sheets

      Product Data sheets

          Wide product offering

          We offer you ample insulation products and accessories for creating the perfect solution, fit for your specific project.  Depending on your needs in terms of thermal resistance, compressive strength, fastening and such, we have a wide range of insulation products and accessories to choose from. Visit our product pages for more information.

          "Cut to falls" insulation system

          Everyone requires good drainage on flat roofs and floors.  Look no further than our bespoke designed FOAMGLAS® Tapered Insulation system to meet your specific design requirements. Avoid unnecessary waste, additional weight and installation time. Our specialist team will provide a detailed design providing you with an optimum installation plan, including drainage positions.  Our FOAMGLAS® TAPERED insulation provides both a long-term thermal insulation system and efficient drainage of your roofs and floors.  


          "Firstly, I associate FOAMGLAS® with cellular glass, then I think of terrace insulation and last but not least that this insulation material is available in a tapered format. 

          I have full trust in cellular glass and its very specific characteristics. This product has the great advantage of maintaining its thermal characteristics over the long term. For all projects where I transform inaccessible terraces with chippings in a waterproof seal, I always recommend the tapered cellular glass insulation, to avoid any water retention. 

          On all my latest projects, we used FOAMGLAS® T3+ and even FOAMGLAS® READY TAPERED T3+.  In regard to its thermal insulation level, this product meets or beats that of other insulation materials such as mineral wool, and this is very important in view of the evolution of thermal regulations."

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