OLV Hospital

OLV Hospital Aalst Belgium

The OLV Hospital, located on the outer edges of Aalst and built in 1904, has been sustainable from the very beginning. For the expansion, sustainability was key. FOAMGLAS® insulation was used on the different flat roofs, protecting the entrance hall from penetrating sunlight thanks to its heat resistant properties.

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Flat Roof, Parking Roof, Green Compact Roof

When the OLV Hospital, in the city of Aalst, was originally constructed in 1904, sustainability and energy efficiency was already being discussed as part of that design. 

Over 100 years later when the new 45,000-m² extension building was being designed, sustainable solutions were a fundamental part of the client’s requirements, which included green roofs, underfloor heating, sophisticated insulation, and innovative methods to make best use of the daily sunshine.

The new central entrance is the most striking feature. A canopy with photovoltaic cells generates energy whilst also protecting the entrance hall from the excessive heat sunlight.

The client, architects, and engineers had many years of experience of using FOAMGLAS® insulation. For this sustainable, energy efficient building FOAMGLAS® T4+ was the obvious choice for all the green roofs, rooftop car parks and roof terraces.

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