Villa Tugendhat

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Czech Republic

Villa Tugendhat, the most famous villa in the Czech Republic, has been under Unesco protection since 2001. Since 2011, the roof has been protected by FOAMGLAS® thermal insulation. A durable, waterproof solution that will last for many years to come, just like Villa Tugendhat.

Ludwig Mies Van der Rohe (1928-30)
Compact roof with stone paving

The most famous functionalist villa in the Czech Republic, built in the 1930s, underwent a comprehensive reconstruction after 80 years of operation. Flat roofs and spacious terraces are both revolutionary and typical for functionalism. At the time of the original construction, suitable materials were not available for flat roofs, and the construction physics had not been mastered.

Unfortunately, even during the first reconstruction in the 1980s, materials and technologies were not sufficient, and the roof had a number of faults. The recent renovations were carefully prepared for over 10 years, and experts from Brno University of Technology chose the best available material for the roof – compact FOAMGLAS® composition.

The FOAMGLAS® thermal insulation was divided into two layers – the bottom layer tapered boards, and the top FOAMGLAS® T4+ boards of constant thickness of 100 mm. The waterproofing system consists of two layers of highly modified bitumen strips. Both layers of strips were applied by the hot asphalt bonding method, which ensures compact bonding with FOAMGLAS® insulation the most reliably.

The upper flat roof was completed with an aesthetic layer of gravel on a plane with the parapets and enhances the functionalist appearance of the villa. Reconditioned travertine tiles were fitted in a sand bed on the terraces. Since 2001, Villa Tugendhat has been under UNESCO protection, and since 2011 it has been under the protection of a compact FOAMGLAS® composition.

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