Paper mill

Paper mill Albayrak Varaka in Balikesir Turkey

For the construction of a new paper mill in Balikesir province, Turkey, a solution for the roof was required that could withstand the hot and humid conditions inside the mill. FOAMGLAS® was chosen to insulate the flat roof as it is impermeable to water vapour and moisture, resulting in thermal efficiency and longevity of the structure.

IGLO Architecture, Mr. Zafer Karaoglu
Flat roof

Turkish construction company Albayrak Holding began its operations in 1952. Since 1982 Albayrak Holding has expanded into other sectors, including transport and logistics, waste management, and media. Albayrak Group is now making an investment in paper industry and launched the construction a new paper mill in Balikesir province. Hot and humid conditions within the interior of the paper mill produce a very demanding environment. With an internal temperature 60°C and a relative humidity of 70%, this roof is subject to very high vapour drive, and potential interstitial condensation.

To ensure long term performance and reliability, the architect has chosen FOAMGLAS® to insulate the flat roof. Under these high humidity conditions a permeable insulation will transmit water vapour, resulting in a decline of thermal performance, moisture build-up, damage to the roof system, and corrosion of the profiled steel deck. FOAMGLAS® is a closed cell insulation impermeable to water vapour, it cannot absorb moisture. FOAMGLAS® ensures constant thermal efficiency and longevity of the building structure. The unique FOAMGLAS® Compact Roof has been used in modern paper mills across Europe from Spain to Sweden and has a track record of failsafe performance in the most arduous conditions.

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