Zhivopisny Bridge

Zhivopisny Bridge Moskow

Zhivopisny Bridge is the highest cable-stayed bridge in all of Europe. FOAMGLAS® cellular glass was used as insulation on the bridge. It is practically incompressible, allowing it to carry immense weight along the 1,5 km of the bridge. The end result is a durable construction that ensures a long life for this beautiful symbol of Moscow.

Shumakov N., Shurygina N.
Compact Roof accessible to foot traffic

Zhivopisny Bridge is a Cable-stayed bridge that spans Moskva River on the north-west of Moscow. Opened £on 27 December 2007 as a part of Krasnoprenensky avenue. It is the highest cable-stayed bridge in Europe. The bridge is unique in that most of its length runs along the river, not across it.

Total length of an S-shaped deck exceeds 1,5 km, including a 420 meter long, 47 meter wide main section running 30 meters above and along the centerline of the river. 72 solid orange ropes thirty centimeters in diameter support the bridge, each of them consists of fifty wire cables. This bridge is currently a symbol of Moscow and one of the most beautiful constructions of the city.

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