Parco d’Arte Vivente


The Living Art Park in Turin is an architectural marvel with a living green roof. FOAMGLAS® cellular glass was chosen for its ecological, non-toxic properties with high environmental standards. Waterproof FOAMGLAS® boards allowed the construction of a roof that is able to carry the immense weight of the Art Park.

Atelier Pietro Gilardi and Alessandro Fassi
Building type
Living green landscaped roof insultation

Conceived by the artist Piero Gilardi and built in collaboration with the architect Alessandro Fassi; The PAV (Parco d’Arte Vivente), in the grounds of a former industrial area, is an ‘octagonal cell’ structured complex. It is harmoniously incorporated into a landscaped area with paths between installations and multi-media modules forming a link between Nature and Contemporary Art.

Built applying advanced principles of bioclimatic architecture, the building’s structure uses honeycomb brick walls, and a wooden roof structure, cellular glass insulation, and a green roof. The ‘heart’ of PAV will be powered by clean energy from photovoltaic panels, all heating is provided by the city’s district heating system. “High refraction light pipes” optimize natural interior lighting. Extensive planting in the form of screens, walls and green roofs play a significant role in the absorption of solar radiation.

The choice of cellular glass insulation for the roof was dictated by the need for the use of environmentally friendly, non-toxic insulation products, meeting the highest environmental standards. The FOAMGLAS® boards and a membrane waterproofing system; enabled a quickly installed roof construction which would not be damaged by the high compressive loads imposed by the extensive landscaping and planting. PC® 56 adhesive sealant was used to create a waterproof seal within the insulation joints, forming a high performance vapour barrier within the insulation system.

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