McDonald’s Restaurant


McDonald’s Restaurants in Italy are made with a variety of high quality materials and with low energy consumption in mind. FOAMGLAS® insulation is the most durable solution for the roof due to its passive fire protection, resistance to compression, excellent thermal resistance and its 100% vapour impenetrability.

D.A. Designers Associates Studio, Architect Casati Designer
Building type
Public Building
Compact roof with vegetation

The premises of McDonald’s Restaurants in Italy today are an exceptional example of buildings constructed using high quality modular systems, with a large variety of finishing materials.

Designed for low energy consumption, and using advanced building techniques, the building structures were completed in less than 16 weeks with FOAMGLAS® being chosen as the best solution for the green roof design. The lightweight FOAMGLAS® tapered insulation system eliminates the need for a heavy concrete screed to falls, mechanical fixings or a membrane vapour barrier. Overall this was a simple roof design which was very quick to install upon the profiled metal deck roof structure.

FOAMGLAS® cellular glass insulation is rated as Euro class A1 and provides excellent passive fire protection, i.e. non-combustible with no smoke release. With its excellent dimensional stability, the cellular glass does not significantly expand and contract during the hot Italian summer, and cold winter.With its proven long term reliability FOAMGLAS insulation provides this restaurant roof with exceptional durability, and superior thermal efficiency.

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