Pumping Station Bruska

Czech Republic

The Bruska Pumping Station is one of the key sources of drinking water in Prague. To avoid constant condensation of water vapour on the arched roof, FOAMGLAS® insulation boards were used.
The unique properties of FOAMGLAS® allows for reliable roof operation and gives designers freedom with the building’s architecture.

Compact roof with sheet metal

The ‘Bruska’ pumping station in Prague 6 is an important part of the Prague drinking water supply system. Built in 1920, this historic building has an elegant arched roof with folded standing seam metal finish. 

To prevent moisture reaching the underside of the metal roof covering, FOAMGLAS® and its adhesive is vapour tight. The insulation was fully bonded and all joints seal with the purpose manufactured adhesive. 

FOAMGLAS® insulation is vapour tight; when the insulation joints are filled with the specialist adhesive; this system provides both an insulation and a high-performance vapour barrier. An additional VCL is not required; the need for a traditional ventilation space between the metal standing seam and the insulation is optional. The metal roofing clips is easily secured onto 150mm sq plates within the upper surface of the insulation. 

All buildings with humid indoor environments will benefit from the FOAMGLAS® insulation system.

FOAMGLAS® solution

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