Enzo Ferrari - Birthplace Museum


Within this unique building the environment is meticulously controlled in order to preserve some of Ferrari’s finest auto designs.

FUTURE SYSTEMS arch. Jan Kaplicky + Politecnica ing. F. Camorani
Building type
Compact roof

The metal roof protects the building structure, and the valuable assets within. FOAMGLAS® insulation was chosen by Architects Future Systems as the correct system to support the bright yellow double-curved aluminum roof, a design in the style of a sports car hood from a bygone era.

Only FOAMGLAS® insulation is totally non combustible, water proof and vapour tight. The aluminum roof is secured to the upper surface of the insulation, there are no fixings and thermal brides through to the building structure. Thermal performance and climate control is optimized. Overall thickness of the roof system is minimized, saving weight and energy.

Over many years FOAMGLAS® insulation is proven to retains its material characteristics, and so like the contents of this famous auto museum, it will be in place for many years to come.

FOAMGLAS® solution

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