Mercury City Tower

International Business Center

Mercury City Tower Landscape

The Mercury City Tower is part of an International Business Centre known as Moscow City. The impressive skyscraper is the highest building in Europe. For the thermal insulation of the roof, FOAMGLAS® cellular glass was chosen. It offers excellent thermal performance, fire safety, durability and low maintenance.

M.M. Posokhin, Frank Williams
Compact Roof with aluminium panels

The "Mercury City Tower", is a part of the Moscow International Business Center architectural complex also known as "Moscow City". The skyscraper designed by architects Mikhail Posokhin and Frank Williams opened in 2012, taking the European record from "The Shard" in London, It stands at 339 meters above the city and has become an iconic landmark.

It is the highest building in Europe. The total floor area of a 75-storey building is around 180 000 sq.m., half of which is occupied by class "A+" offices. More than 20 000 sq.m. are used for luxury apartments with far reaching views of the city. The remaining area is used for parking, shopping and public areas.

For the thermal insulation of the roof FOAMGLAS® cellular glass was chosen, as the compact system is the only thermal insulation material, which does not require mechanical fastening but can meet the high wind load requirements needed for such high-rise buildings. FOAMGLAS® was chosen because of its excellent long term thermal performance, fire safety and durability, along with a proven track record of low maintenance.

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