Stora Enso - Paper mill

Paper Mill Stora Enso Langerbrugge

Stora Enso is one of the most important paper mills in the world. To protect the largest newsprint paper machine, FOAMGLAS® cellular glass was used on the 22,000 m² flat roofs of the building. The insulation offers excellent resistance to high vapour pressure, good accessibility for maintenance and safety in the event of leaks.

Pöyry Vantaa, Finland
Flat Roof with service access

Stora Enso at Langerbrugge, in the port of Ghent, is one of the most important paper mills in the world.

The new PM4 building houses the largest newsprint paper machine in the world. and includes a biomass energy power plant making it a world leader in energy efficiency.

Every hour this new production line produces enough paper to cover 120 km of three motorway. This high capacity paper production plant produces extreme levels of humidity, and very high vapour drive.

To ensure the roof could support the large quantity of Mechanical and Electrical equipment, a vapour tight, load bearing insulation was required. The entire roof area of 22,000 m² and the biomass power plant are insulated with FOAMGLAS® cellular glass.

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