Archeological Museum

Archeological museum Delphi

The Archaeological museum in Delphi has a flat sloping sheet metal roof. FOAMGLAS® cellular glass is both vapour and waterproof, allowing unventilated roof structures such as this one can be built in an optimum way. FOAMGLAS® cellular glass was used as insulation, a vapour barrier and a load bearing construction.

Meletitiki - Alexandros Tombazis
Metal Roof

The building was first renovated in 1958. In 2002 another renovation took place by today’s prominent Greek architect Alexandros Tombazis. If there is a requirement for design reasons, as in this case, for a flat sloping sheet metal roof, the prerequisites for thermal circulation are not given. Ventilation and dehumidification of the insulation are prevented in low sloping constructions.

What can be done?

With FOAMGLAS®, the vapour- and waterproof cellular glass insulation, unventilated roof structures can be built in an optimum way. FOAMGLAS® READY BOARD is insulation layer, vapour-barrier and load bearing subconstruction for the metal standing seam sheets. The support of the metal covering on FOAMGLAS® was done with timber lathing, a technique that some workers are more familiar with. The other nowadays widely used technique is to use PC® fixing plates (claw plates) which are pressed and hot bonded to the insulation surface.

FOAMGLAS® solution

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