Aquapark Kohoutovice

Aquapark Kohoutovice
Czech Republic

The roof of Aquapark Kohoutovice in the Czech Republic is a unique architectural concept with a sheet metal roof in the shape of an armadillo. FOAMGLAS® boards allowed the sheet metal roof to be constructed over a wet environment, forming a perfect vapour barrier that is extremely resistant to high water vapour pressure.

Atelier K4
Compact roof with sheet metal

The roof over this aquapark is in the shape of an armadillo. FOAMGLAS® has a proven track record of being used to insulate high humidity buildings; and is adhesive bonded onto the curved structure. No other insulation system eliminates thermal bridging and allows the standing seam metal roof to be secured without fixings penetrating the roof structure. This is particularly important for metal roofing over a humid environment.

FOAMGLAS® insulation is vapour tight; when the insulation joints are filled with the specialist adhesive; this system provides both an insulation and a high-performance vapour barrier. An additional VCL is not required; the need for a traditional ventilation space between the metal standing seam and the insulation is optional. The metal roofing clips is easily secured onto 150mm sq plates within the upper surface of the insulation. The metal transitions smoothly in an elegant curve from the roof down to the façade.

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