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The old crane track in Amsterdam is a beacon of industrial heritage. Today, it has been transformed into an office building. FOAMGLAS® insulation protects the old crane track from the elements. Non-flammability, water and moisture tightness, a low expansion coefficient and a high compressive strength are the key benefits.

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Interior Insulation (walls, floors + ceilings)

The old 1952 crane track, owned by the former Dutch Docking and Shipbuilding Company (NDSM) in Amsterdam, had been abandoned for years, and was in danger of collapse. Dutch architect Trude Hooykaas has saved this piece of industrial heritage; and left it virtually intact.

In order to preserve the original outer appearance, the existing concrete structure has been insulated on the inside. Today it is a contemporary architectural design with a great deal of glass.

The insulation specification called for non-combustibility, water and moisture resistance, a low expansion coefficient, a high compressive strength and, most importantly, a very long service life. The original concrete structure is exposed to moisture and temperature influences from all sides.

The unique characteristics of FOAMGLAS® mean the insulation can easily deal with all these factors. FOAMGLAS® was carefully reviewed, by Trude Hooykaas and her design team; who chose it as the best value product for insulating the floor, walls and ceilings of this 60 year old concrete structure.

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