Australian Pavilion, Venice Biennale

Australian Pavilion in Venice - Italy

The New Australian Pavilion is a striking construction in Venice that can be viewed from both the bridge and the canal. The location of the building on the water results in high humidity levels. FOAMGLAS® floor insulation offers perfect protection against the humid conditions of the canal, and its close proximity to the ground.

Denton Corker Marshall Pty Ltd, STEAM srl
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Floor insulation

Inside the grounds of the Biennale di Venezia this new pavilion seems to have been constructed in the perfect location, it can easily be viewed from both the bridge and the canal, the building was not originally conceived as a closed structure but as a black box within which there is a white box. This arrangement generates an open, sociable space where people can sit and converse.

Located beside the water this pavilion building is subjected to high levels of humidity. 

To reduce this humidity reaching the building interior, it was expected that the architects would need to include a costly ventilated cavity beneath floor slab.

Fortunately the FOAMGLAS® insulation system is unaffected by humidity and ground water and is installed in contact with the building structure. For this project the insulation is combined with a multifunctional waterproofing, and Rn222 radon gas barrier.

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