Metroalde building


When the Metroalde building in Spain required renovation, FOAMGLAS® insulation was the obvious choice for many reasons. The FOAMGLAS® compact roof offers long life, reliability and high performance, and is completely waterproof to boot. Cellular glass also makes it possible to carry out any future repairs and renovations.

Repair Estructuras S.L.
Compact Roof

The implementation of the FOAMGLAS® System placed on the existing pavement was adopted for several reasons.

1. This is an oversized deck and demolition of the water leaking and poorly insulated old paving would add a great expense to the owner. The waste generation, the earthworks, the noise during working hours, etc., should be some of the main consequences of a demolition. 
2. There is no need to overburden the roof with an inverted system and therefore the proposition of a compact roof system FOAMGLAS®, which just adds overhead to the existing cover (10- 15 kg per square meter). The leveling can be included in the FOAMGLAS® if required. 
3. They have better insulation with current compliance of the Technical Building Code. 
4. During the execution they avoid the risk of unprotected offices which could have leaks from a working roof. 
5. The roof is not accessible, but with the advantage that the waterproofing is the last layer and facilitates possible future repairs.
It is not necessary that this cover is trafficable since it is only used for the maintenance of the facilities. In case of usual access it is proposed as a path. The last waterproofing sheet is self-protected so you can step on it for specific maintenance tasks.


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