CNIT, Center of New Industries and Technologies


CNIT, the Centre of New Industries and Technologies, is an impressive construction located in Puteaux, France. Renovating the largest free-vaulted roof in the world was a real challenge. FOAMGLAS® rose to the challenge with cellular glass insulation that is adaptable to unusual shapes and supports. Problem solved!

Untrafficable Compact Roof

The vaulted roof of the CNIT was constructed in 1958. It was designed and developed by architect Bernard Zehrfuss and engineer Nicolas Esquillan. This is the largest free-standing vaulted roof in the world, with a clearance of more than 50 metres in the central area. It stands on three abutments, located at the vertices of an equilateral triangle, each side being 218-metre long.

To renovate this vaulted roof FOAMGLAS® T4+ and S3 slabs, were specified since their dimensions were suited to the existing contiguous arches. A bitumen membrane waterproofing is applied over the insulation followed by a coat of RAL 9010 synthetic sealant.

With its proven long term durability and thermal performance; FOAMGLAS Insulation is the ideal product to protect this iconic vaulted roof structure.

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