District Sports School’s Swimming Pool


The District Sports School is a new facility that combines modern and sustainable architecture. The school also has an indoor swimming pool. To avoid condensation, moisture development and corrosion, FOAMGLAS® cellular glass was used. It’s perfectly impermeable to moisture and forms a continuous vapour barrier.

MARK arhitekti
Compact roof on steel deck

In September 2016, Limbaži District Council signed a contract with PS “MONUM & LitCon” for the construction of the Limbaži and Salacgrīva District Sports School’s swimming pool. The newly-built leisure estate is a combined proposal for sustainable and modern architecture.

The building is divided into three blocks: the entrance rooms, the swimming pool space including a large swimming pool and a paddling pool for children, as well as dressing rooms with an aerobics hall, gym, bathhouse and sauna. The complex will welcome pupils and residents from the District Limbaži and offer training facilities for the local athletes.

The compact organization of the building makes it energy-efficient and along with used materials and engineering solutions it becomes a model of sustainable architecture. With an indoor swimming pool, the risk of condensation is a big issue with well-known consequences such as moisture development, corrosion of the metal components, peeling or blistering of some coatings, premature ageing of the building envelop.

Thanks to its closed glass cells structure, FOAMGLAS® is perfectly impermeable to water and water vapour and forms a continuous vapour barrier. The vapour cannot diffuse into the building fabric and be exposed to the dew point temperature at which it condenses.

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