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FOAMGLAS® cellular glass insulation

the material of the future

FOAMGLAS® cellular glass insulation comprises of hermetically sealed glass cells. It’s an insulation material with exceptional qualities.

FOAMGLAS® will support high compressive loads; it is a lightweight non-combustible material providing excellent insulation protection against heat and cold. Most importantly, it is unaffected by the biggest threats to insulation materials: liquid water, water vapor, and fire.

Guaranteed quality for decades

Cellular glass retains its material qualities over many years. Independently tested samples have shown that after 55 years, it is still as effective as the day it was originally installed.  When using FOAMGLAS® insulation, early renovations are unnecessary, long term costs are reduced, and energy is saved.

Eco-friendly insulation

FOAMGLAS® cellular glass insulation is totally free of environmentally harmful flame retardants, propellant gases or carcinogens. Manufacture comprises of a minimum 60% post-consumer waste glass and partial re-use of production offcuts etc.

FOAMGLAS® cellular glass conforms to the natureplus® eco-label, the only European environmental label for building products that is founded on strict scientific criteria. FOAMGLAS® is a product at the highest standards of quality for all areas relevant to ecology and sustainability.