The Roundhouse

United Kingdom

El edificio circular, donde comenzaron leyendas como The Rolling Stones, Jimi Hendrix y Pink Floyd, fue remodelado y reabierto en 2006. El aislamiento FOAMGLAS® se utilizó para el suelo, la fachada y la cubierta plana, asegurando la resistencia al agua y al vapor a pesar de la naturaleza abierta de la fachada. También es no combustible e impermeable.

John McAslan and Partners
Ventilated open aluminium screen cladding

The circular building where bands such as The Rolling Stones, Jimi Hendrix and Pink Floyd made their names was undergoing a major redevelopment and reopened in 2006.

Working from the outset of the project with Structural Engineers Anthony Hunt Associates, Pittsburgh Corning’s technical staff provided a specification for the building to incorporate FOAMGLAS® into the whole building envelope.  As a result, Architects John McAslan and Partners specified FOAMGLAS® for the floor, the façade and the flat roof.

The W+F® Façade system has been used to create the external façade of the building. 120 mm thick W+F® Slab is adhered to the external concrete wall, with an open jointed façade in aluminium fixed to it. Originally, the FOAMGLAS®, which is visible through the open joints of the façade was to be painted. However, the effect of FOAMGLAS® in its natural state was dramatic enough to satisfy the architect’s design and it remained unpainted.

The FOAMGLAS® insulation will ensure that water and vapour proof integrity is maintained despite the open nature of the façade. Façade systems require special consideration in respect of fire safety; FOAMGLAS® W+F Slab is non-combustible, EuroClass A1 and in a situation of fire provides safety and zero contribution. It does not need to be membrane protected because it is waterproof.

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