Conseil Général Loire Atlantique

PCF_Le Sully

The perforated stainless steel façade of Sully 3 is both innovative and striking. The use of FOAMGLAS® cellular glass guarantees the thermal reliability of the façade, and is fully in line with sustainable development. To stay true to the overall aesthetics of the façade, the insulation is covered in matt black glass.

Ventilated Façade with perforated stainless steel façade cassettes

Forma6 realized an innovative façade for the Sully 3 office building of the Conseil Général de Loire Atlantique. The facing screens are realized in stainless steel, pre-cut according to an original drawing.

The use of FOAMGLAS® guarantees the thermal reliability of the façade and allows avoiding weather boards and the associated disadvantages. It is covered with a black glass mat so that it integrates perfectly into the aesthetics of the façade. In the lower accessible part, the design on the stainless steel replaces the cut-outs, and thus extends the aesthetic impact of the image to the ground.

FOAMGLAS® solution

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