Didymoteichon Museum Greece
Didymoteichon, Thrace

The city of Didymoteichon has played a crucial part in Greek history throughout the ages. To protect the precious artefacts and exhibits inside, FOAMGLAS® was used to insulate the roofs, walls and below-grade. Cellular glass is both strong and durable, safeguarding the Didymoteichon museum from extreme temperatures in the region.

MEAS S.A., P. Petrakopoulos, E. Digonis & Associates
Compact roofs, walls, below-grade

The region of Didymoteichon has presented findings since the Neolithic age. The city itself was important throughout the Hellenistic, Roman, Byzantine, Ottoman regimes and also throughout Modern Greek history. The construction of this new Museum aims to enhance local cultural life and bring to light the importance of the region throughout history.

FOAMGLAS® is applied to insulate roofs, walls and below-grade to protect the building and the exhibits from extreme temperatures as they are not unusual in the north of the country.

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