Tea factory

Tea Factory in Rize Turkey

Caykur Company is the largest tea producer in Turkey. FOAMGLAS® cellular glass was chosen to protect the whole façade of the tea factory, a perfect choice considering the humid subtropical climate with warm summers and cool winters. FOAMGLAS® is non-combustible and unaffected by water or vapour, guaranteeing a long service life.

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Ventilated façade

Çaykur Company is the largest tea producer in Turkey. Çaykur’s corporate history is as old as industrialised tea production in Turkey itself. The first tea factory was inaugurated in 1947 in the harbour city of Rize, a province in the north-east along the Black Sea. The climate in this mountainous region is ideal for growing tea plants. In winter, a covering of snow preserves the fragile tea plants and protects them against fungi and pests. In summer, it usually rains every third day.

These climatic conditions are unique and help to create the unique tea flavour. Çaykur wants to become the largest organic tea-cultivating region in the world. By 2023, the entire production will be converted to organic farming. Today, over 200,000 independent tea producers supply the Çaykur factories in Rize and the surrounding region.

FOAMGLAS® cellular glass has been chosen to protect the whole façade in this particular humid subtropical climate with warm summers and cool winters. Our product is ecologically sound and has no environmental health hazards. Due to its outstanding service life and overall environmental sustainability, FOAMGLAS® is best-rated in comparative analysis of environmental product declaration.

FOAMGLAS® is noncombustible and unaffected by water or water vapour. An added advantage for cladding systems with ventilation is, that totally inorganic cellular glass is vermin and mould proof. No damage is caused to the insulation or system by rodents, insects, birds, etc, as FOAMGLAS® provides no source of food or nesting material.

FOAMGLAS® solution

used in this project


"The project of Caykur Tea Production with packaging complex in Lyidere, Rize, Turkey is located 100 meters by the black sea, which means it is exposed to the erosive effects of the sea such as the moisture and salt throughout the year. In addition to this, the region of Rize has a yearly high average of % 80 humidity (many days even close to %100).

These were the two main reasons why Kolektif Architecture selected to have FOAMGLAS® in the project for the external insulation, as FOAMGLAS® is impervious to such tough climatic conditions. By this decision, we are sure that, this new complex will not face the critical problems which the other existing complexes of Caykur and other companies are having in this area."


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