Waste incinerator


The waste incineration plant in Perlen, Switzerland, is both modern and eco-friendly. FOAMGLAS® tapered slabs were used on the trafficable compact roof because of their durability and high compressive strength.

Deon AG, Dipl. Architekten ETH BSA SIA, Luzern
Heavy-duty Compact roof

The building in Perlen has created a modern and eco-friendly waste incineration plant. The Renergia project was a joint venture between all the waste treatment associations in Central Switzerland and Perlen Papier AG. The waste heat from the incineration plant is used in the neighbouring Perlen Papier AG paper factory and thus guarantees outstanding energy utilisation.

The exhaust air treatment installation keeps the emissions to well within the strict limits of the Air Quality Control Regulation (LRV). The steam generated by the incineration of the waste is used to drive a turbine. The connector generator produces around 155 Gigawatt-hours of electricity per year – enough to meet the demand of roughly 38,000 households. The waste incineration plant replaces 40 million litres of fuel oil per year, so reducing the CO2 emissions by 90,000 tonnes.

The central location makes the transport routes for the delivery shorter, reducing the impact on the environment and saving costs. Furthermore, the plant guarantees a high supply reliability on attractive terms for households and companies in Central Switzerland for decades to come.

The largest power station in Canton Lucerne makes a major contribution to environmental protection, offers the capacity for the annual disposal of 200,000 tonnes of waste and meets high architectural demands. The FOAMGLAS® tapered slabs were chosen for the compact roof solution on the grounds of their durability and high compressive strength.


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