The State Archives of Lucerne


When a new building was commissioned to expand the State Archives of Lucerne, FOAMGLAS® was the ideal insulation system. Cellular glass is incompressible and non-absorbent, meaning that the millions of sealed glass cells absorb no moisture. FOAMGLAS® ensures absolute water-tightness and complete peace of mind.

Enzmann + Fischer AG
Floor insulation, interior / Compact Roof

The State Archives in Lucerne were overflowing with important documents, artistic and cultural items, so in May 2012 the City Council approved 10.5 million budget for a new archive building. The primary requirements were energy efficiency, and a high level of internal climate control. Large sections of the building structure are below ground.

The whole structure sits on FOAMGLAS® insulation to protect the concrete foundations and below ground walls. A SIKA® waterproofing system was also applied.

FOAMGLAS® cellular glass insulation does not deflect or compress under load as it is made from millions of hermetically sealed glass cells. These cells are water proof and gas tight, absorb no moisture and water vapour cannot pass through the insulation material. Independent studies have shown that the thermal performance of this insulation is not lost over the years.


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