AHK Kndu Villas

Kndu Villa Antalya

AHK Kndu Villas is a project of 38 villas based on a sustainable, ecological and environmentally friendly philosophy. High-quality building materials were used, including FOAMGLAS® cellular glass. The time-tested insulation was used to envelop the façade of the building, making sure it achieves the highest ecological standards.

Gokhan Avcioglu & GAD
Ventilated cladding with compact laminate panels

AHK Kndu Villas is a project of 38 world class villas created on the basis of a sustainable ecological and environmental friendly living philosophy, high quality design and a luxurious lifestyle. They are located close at hand to the finest luxury hotels in the world and Antalya’s most beautiful touristic beaches.

The project aims to work using high standards in environmental sustainability across all the aspect of the project. The design and construction of Kndu Villas buildings are based on low-energy use. Sustainable designs place a strong emphasis on energy-efficiency in the design of the structure, to reduce the need for heating and cooling systems by using photovoltaic panels.

The project is one among the few projects in Turkey, which was rewarded with the “BREEAM VERY GOOD” green building certificate. They opted for high quality materials like timber, high performance glazing, zinc, natural stones and the highest quality and time-tested thermal insulation to envelop the whole building behind metal finishes and timber cladding used as a shell to secure the building.

FOAMGLAS® which meets sustainable ecological standards will ensure a healthy living environment and a fault tolerant complete system.

FOAMGLAS® solution

used in this project

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