Specialised services for industrial projects

Specifying FOAMGLAS® insulation

for industrial projects

If an insulation system is to be effective and durable in service, it must be designed correctly and installed in a way which complements its performance characteristics. The specification and installation of insulation systems is a specialized field. Specifications must be written to suit specific insulation materials, since layering, mastics and jacketing requirements will not be the same for different insulation products.

We maintain FOAMGLAS® insulation installation guide specifications for a wide variety of commercial and industrial insulation systems, to assist engineers, contractors and facility owners with all aspects of the design, installation and maintenance of their insulation systems. Our experienced Technical Services Engineers will provide you with personalized support and documentation to enable you to achieve your objectives using high-quality, reliable FOAMGLAS® insulation systems.

Thermal inspection and analysis

By reviewing the industrial design and construction drawings, we can help you identify potential equipment or system failures and safety problems, allowing you to intervene before serious issues arise. We work with you to determine efficient and effective FOAMGLAS® cellular glass solutions, which take into account the insulation specification, the method of construction and the required lifespan.

The inspection and analysis report includes:

  • Infrared thermal images
  • Measurement results of heat flows
  • Computer calculations
  • An overview of our observations
  • Recommended modifications

Contact your local sales engineer to arrange a detailed inspection and analysis of your project using FOAMGLAS® insulation.

Application testing

To help you understand the performance of FOAMGLAS® insulation systems under real-world conditions, we can carry out a range of system tests in our laboratories, including:

  • Cold and cryogenic performance
  • Hot service performance
  • Corrosion under insulation
  • Tank insulation for hot and cold storage
  • Systems with high compressive strength for hot and cold temperatures
  • Durability, including ageing, humidity and UV resistance
  • Thermal performance and heat loss
  • Fire performance including combustibility, flame spread and smoke development

General material tests

We can measure the physical, chemical, thermal and mechanical properties of our insulation - and associated materials such as adhesives, coverings, membranes and coatings - through a selection of measuring techniques including:

  • Thermal conductivity including cryogenic to hot service applications
  • Compressive strength, tensile strength and bending strength
  • Density
  • Water vapour permeability
  • Chemical composition
  • Chemical resistance including resistance to acids and bases
  • Chemical durability
  • Porosity
  • Thermal expansion/contraction
  • Hygroscopicity including capillarity and moisture absorption

Expert insulation advice

Our technical team will help you to specify the best FOAMGLAS® insulation solution for your project. We provide fast, effective and expert advice on:

  • Meeting thermal transmittance (U-value) targets
  • Preventing condensation
  • Ensuring process temperatures and maximum boil-off
  • The minimum insulation thickness for a safe surface temperature
  • Temperature decrease in pipelines (with a flowing or stationary medium)
  • Heat loss in underground pipes and structures
  • Ensuring steam quality
  • Emission reduction
  • The fire safety of applied systems

Contact our technical team or your local sales engineer for detailed calculations and application advice, and bespoke project support.