Design and specification support available from FOAMGLAS®

For the building envelope to achieve the highest levels of thermal performance and energy efficiency, individual products and components must be designed to work together as a complete system. Throughout the design and specification process, we can work alongside your design team to ensure the FOAMGLAS® insulation achieves the best thermal performance possible.

Throughout the project our sales engineers will assist you with services including thermal transmittance (U-value) calculations and condensation risk assessments, application specifications, detailing advice, and tapered insulation system design for flat roofs.

Our tapered insulation design service is available for designers and contractors. We can provide a detailed layout and installation plan, showing the direction of falls, and drainage outlet positions.


For industrial storage tanks, piping and equipment, we can assist with designs and specifications, ensuring your FOAMGLAS® insulation system provides a safe and efficient solution throughout.

Contact your local sales engineer for more information about any of these services.