Planning phase support

The energy efficiency of a building or installation succeeds or fails through the quality of insulation throughout its shell. Technically, this is a very complex matter. Especially in the detailing and in the total assembly with different materials. 

We support architects and designers through the entire project design phase. This ensures you that the correct insulation material for the right application will be used.

From thermal calculations and determining required specifications to avoiding thermal losses, our sales engineers will be your consultants. They will support during the phase when everything needs to be worked out in detail.

For Tapered roofs we offer you our Tapered studies to meet your specific design requirements. Our specialist team will develop a detailed design providing you with an optimum installation plan, including drainage positions. This ensures that you avoid unnecessary waste, extra weight and unnecessary installation time.

For storage tanks or piping and equipment, we are happy to help you to design appropriate insulation systems. We offer you full support in specification of the right materials combined with the most appropriate systems to achieve safe and efficient solutions for your tanks or installations.

Please feel free to get our Sales Engineers involved in the insulation design for your project. Contact us for more information.