Active roof on the Sydhavn School in Denmark
Safe, long-term solutions for activity roofs
FOAMGLAS® compact roof

There is only so much space on the ground to build structures on. That’s where roofs come in: the existing and new-build surfaces are just waiting to be put to greater use.

The possibilities are limitless. Activity roofs like parks with intensive vegetation, parking, blue roofs for water retention as well as sport and game facilities are just some of the applications that can be fitted to a roof area. Repurposing roofs offers many advantages. Building an activity roof on top of an existing structure is a smart use of existing surfaces, creating additional living space and making buildings more attractive. Not just for the eyes, but as an investment too. Both new and existing buildings can benefit from this. The location of these roofs is often very lucrative, and the views from the elevated platform are lush.

Green and blue roofs have ecological benefits. They improve the microclimate and handle water effectively. In summer, they increase comfort indoors and reduce the need for air conditioning. They also provide natural cooling in cities, adding a slice of nature in a bustling metropolis.

Give roofs higher purpose

FOAMGLAS® Compact Roof is a simple, robust and versatile roof build-up with the exceptional properties of FOAMGLAS® thermal insulation. The compact build-up consists of 3 basic layers fully adhered by bitumen or cold glues: a bearing substrate, FOAMGLAS® cellular glass and the waterproofing layer(s). This technically ideal roof system is easy to construct and minimises all the risks associated with activity roofs.

Mitigating the risks

with a FOAMGLAS® compact roof system

  • Increased load from the use, construction and dead weight of roof layers
    Due to its closed cell structure, FOAMGLAS® thermal insulation is completely watertight and vapour proof, remaining dry under all conditions. 
  • Change in condensation conditions in the roof build-up
    FOAMGLAS® thermal insulation in a compact roof build-up can withstand high compressive loads and bear all loads permanently, safely and without affecting its insulation properties.
  • Reduced thermal protection over time (due to moisture).
    The insulation properties remain unchanged even after decades of service because it cannot become wet.
  • Root penetration (e.g. in case of vegetation on roofs)
    FOAMGLAS® thermal insulation remains 100% dry in all possible conditions throughout the lifetime of the building, effectively guaranteeing zero root penetration.
  • Higher probability of waterproofing damage
    FOAMGLAS® thermal insulation can bear high loads with zero risk of deformation, forming a rigid and stable layer under waterproofing systems, minimising the risk of damage.

  • Inability to locate and repair waterproofing defects
    FOAMGLAS® Compact Roof insulation is vapour tight and non-absorbent. Any waterproofing failure remains local and is easy to detect and cheap to repair.

  • Problems caused by future changes in roof use
    FOAMGLAS® Compact Roof insulation is vapour tight, non-absorbent and able to handle extreme loads. Practically any activity roof can be built upon the core compact roof build-up, and the use of the roof can easily be changed in the future.

A suitable roof build-up with qualitative building materials and a perfect installation are key to mitigating these risks 

How can you as an architect alleviate all of these risks? 

Mitigating the risks with a FOAMGLAS® compact roof system

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