Šantovka Shopping Centre

Czech Republic

The Santovka Shopping Centre in the Czech Republic has tramlines running over the roof structure. To help support the immense mass of trams that weigh almost 100 tonnes, FOAMGLAS® boards were used. They are virtually incompressible, making this one of the highest load bearing roofs in Europe.

Atelier 8000
Trafficable deck

The challenge of running a tram line through ground level sections of this busy shopping district presented the designers with some headaches.

With a 100 tonnes tramway alongside buses and lorries, how was the roof beneath going to be insulated?

FOAMGLAS® insulation does not deflect or compress under load. The product range includes FOAMGLAS F which has a load-bearing capacity of more than 160 tonnes/m2 (1.6 MPa).

Rail vehicles subject structures to high dynamic loads and intense vibrations; acoustic layers of rubber mats and a solid “floating” reinforced concrete slab was incorporated into the structural design. In this roof build-up, only the waterproofing and acoustic rubber mat will compress and move as the tram and vehicles pass by.

This roof is bearing one of the highest loads required in Europe and thanks to FOAMGLAS® , it is also reliable and efficiently insulated.

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