Sport complex

Sport complex Olymp Yuzhny

The OLYMPIC Sports Complex in Yuzhny is an impressive arena with a roof arch that spans 72 metres. The challenge? To design a lightweight roof that can withstand snow and strong winds. FOAMGLAS® insulation was an outstanding solution because of its high compressive strength, thermal insulation and vapour barrier.

Yuri Seregin
Metal roof system

The main arch made in the form of crescent-shaped trusses, has a span of 72 meters. The project architects had been faced a difficult task – to design the light weight roof construction; which is able to withstand a rather strong wind and snow resistance in the same time. To solve this task, the FOAMGLAS® cellular glass insulation had been chosen.

FOAMGLAS® insulation is outstandingly suitable for the building and insulating of metal roofs. Various system solutions guarantee that the monocoque unventilated roof in combination with metal sheet covering is one of the safest and technically advanced options. FOAMGLAS® is the only insulating material that takes over the assignment of thermal insulation & vapour barrier in a single function.

In addition, the high compressive strength supplies the special argument that the fastening of the metal sheet roof takes places not in the load-bearing base, but through adhering in the insulation layer itself. It is therefore free of thermal bridges.

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