Olympic Stadium


The Olympic Stadium is a multi-purpose arena located in Kiev. With its 70.000 seats, it played a major part in the football competition Euro 2012. FOAMGLAS® cellular glass was used to insulate the area under the spectator stairways, combining heavy-duty performance and thermal efficiency, making Olympic Stadium energy efficient.

Yuri Seregin
Kievmiskbud, Crop. Ltd
Compact roof, accessible to foot traffic

The Olympic National Sports Complex (also known as "Olympic Stadium") is a multi-use sports facility in Kiev, located on the right bank of the river Dnieper. On 18 April 2007, Ukraine and Poland were chosen by UEFA to co-host the finals of Euro 2012, with the Olympic Stadium as the venue for the final. The capacity of the stadium after the reconstruction is now 70,050 seats.

Reconstruction of the stadium delivered a modern arena, a new symbol of Euro- 2012 but still based around the original features of the site. One face of the stadium has a glass frontage and the roof has a hanging canopy made of translucent synthetic membrane which covers 100% of spectator area.

FOAMGLAS® was used to insulate under the spectator stairways to improve the energy efficiency of the Stadium. When thermal efficiency needs to be combined with heavy duty performance (trafficked service decks), FOAMGLAS® cellular glass insulation is a key player.

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