Water softening installation Vitens


The façade of the Vitens water softening installation is modern and ventilated. FOAMGLAS® façade insulation offers great protection from the elements: it is waterproof, resistant to vermin and fire and exceptionally stable. The FOAMGLAS® insulation slabs are functional, durable and environmentally friendly.

Rooding Architecten BNA, Doesberg
Ventilated Façade with cladding

Designed by Rooding Architecten, this new building for Vitens provides water softening and post-treatment filtering. Creative architecture, the use of gabions and a green roof seem to make this building merge into its rural environment.

Gabion steel wire cages with pebble infill are robust and durable. In addition to road construction and waterworks engineering, they are increasingly popular for use as façade cladding for both residential and commercial construction. A gabion cage offers little or no resistance to water, moisture or the spread of fire. For a gabion façade construction additional measures are required.

FOAMGLAS® insulation is waterproof, vapour tight, non-flammable and exceptionally stable. This water treatment building, utilises the unique qualities of the gabions and FOAMGLAS® insulation; both are manufactured from sustainable materials and together they provide a robust, durable, non-combustible facade solution.

FOAMGLAS® solution

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