Herzliya Hills Project

Herzliya/Tel Aviv

The prestigious Herzliya Hills project near Tel Aviv consists of ten high-quality, luxury buildings. The façades are well protected from the elements by FOAMGLAS® W+F insulation and finished with stone slabs, meaning no moisture can get in at all. FOAMGLAS® is also non-combustible, totally rainproof and completely vapour tight.

Kika Braz Architects and Urban Planners
Ventilated Cladding

Designed by Kika Braz Architects and Urban Planners the prestigious Herzliya Hills private residential development in Herzliya, near Tel Aviv comprises of ten high quality, luxury buildings, a combination of imposing 18 and 13 story residential towers. The project is a collaboration between Ofer Investments Group Ltd. and Azorim Investments; two of Israel’s leading real estate companies.

The façades are fully insulated with FOAMGLAS® W+F and finished with natural stone cladding. FOAMGLAS® W+F insulation slabs are fully bonded to the substrate with all joints offset and sealed with cold adhesive PC® 56. FOAMGLAS® W+F with PC® 56 cold adhesive is a sealed insulation system, robust, vapour tight and rainproof; no additional protective layer is required to keep moisture out.

Free from HCFC, HFA and pentane, FOAMGLAS® insulation slabs are totally non-combustible, with no contribution fire, no toxic fumes or smoke. FOAMGLAS® insulation, designed to perform for the lifetime of all buildings.

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