Centrum Bank


Centrum Bank in Lichtenstein was looking for a roof construction with stable value retention and a long service life. Centrum bank made the right choice for a durable roof: FOAMGLAS® cellular glass is extremely resistant to damage such as water seepage. The high-quality insulation materials are sure to last a lifetime.

Prof. Hollein, Wien / Bargetze+Partner
Special Roof System

A high quality roof with a long service life proves to be the very best long term investment. This unusual roof features a natural stone cladding; however the cladding alone is not sufficient to ensure the durability of the whole roof construction.

Below the stone, the insulating material, must have an equivalent long-term durability and long lasting thermal performance. With its unique closed cell, vapour tight material properties, FOAMGLAS® cellular glass is proven to be, the most sustainable and thermally efficient roof insulation product over the building’s entire lifetime.

FOAMGLAS® solution

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