FOAMGLAS® BOARD F consists of FOAMGLAS® F slabs bonded together. The upper side of the insulation board is lined with a PE/Glass Fleece Composite, the bottom with Glass Fleece; the top side is red, the bottom side is white.

40 - 180 mm
1200 x 600 mm
165 kg/m³
CS ≥ 1600 kPa
λ value
0.050 W/mK


Highest compressive strength requirements:

  • Insulation under floors
  • Foundation slabs
  • Product type Boards

    Our cellular glass insulation boards measure 1200x600mm, and have a glass fleece facing, to aid adhesion and bonding. Boards are used throughout the entire internal and external building envelope, and are particularly useful upon profiled metal roof decks. The board insulation core comprises of cellular glass and so meets Euroclass A1 standards, only the thin fleece facing adds a combustible element, resulting in the overall board product being rated as E. The boards are popular for larger areas and faster installation.

    Grade F

    Offering the highest compressive strength of any FOAMGLAS® product, FOAMGLAS® F is used above or beneath floor slabs, and upon roofs where the compressive loads are high. A typical example would be regular heavy traffic such as trucks and emergency vehicles. It has a thermal conductivity (lambda value) of 0,050 W/(m·K) and a max compressive strength of 1600 kPa. Compressive strength requirements for any application should always be confirmed with a structural engineer to ensure the correct product specification.