Casa Clima_Spain

CasaClima is a housing concept with excellent levels of energy efficiency and the use of highly efficient components. A flat FOAMGLAS® green roof construction met the high standards of the concept, ticking all the boxes and offering the best possible scores for both economic and ecological performances.

Cesar Álvarez Arines
Building type
Private housing
Compact Green Roof

This project was headed up by its owner José Manuel Gonzalez who wanted it to meet the “Casa Clima” standard. The term ‘Casa Clima’ refers to a specific construction standard for buildings which have excellent levels of comfort throughout the year.

This concept is one of the leading standards in energy efficient construction and the use of efficient components. It also achieves this via a “whole” house ventilation system to distribute heat and fresh air, with exceptionally low running costs. The aim of the project is to gain an energy saving of more than 80% compared to a traditionally built house.

This project is the first Casa Clima in Spain and the project has been documented thought the construction as a reference in thermal efficiency. The owner has shared his experience and knowledge and has participated in several presentations throughout Spain and Portugal. For further information on this project see Rivista KlimaHaus CasaClima Nr. 3|2010 : “La prima CasaClima in Spagna è oggi una realtà”.

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