The Fontenay Hotel

The Fontenay Hotel Germany

The five-star Fontenay Hotel offers pure luxury on the banks of Outer Alster lake in Hamburg. FOAMGLAS® cellular glass was used as insulating material for the outdoor ceilings and rooftop terraces. The material was chosen for its excellent durability, thermal insulation and safety. It can also be combined with different coatings.

Strömer Murphy and Partners Gbr, Hamburg
Kühne Immobilia GmbH
Building type
Compact roof - Heavy use

This five-star superior hotel, “The Fontenay”, on the banks of the Outer Alster lake in Hamburg was opened In March 2018. The 130 comfortably furnished rooms and suites offer national and international guests an exclusive ambience. The hotel has two high-class restaurants, a bar with rooftop terrace, library, function rooms and a luxurious spa area with indoor and outdoor pools.

With its sculptural character, “The Fontenay” luxury hotel is a real eye-catcher. The building meets high standards of quality; and that also applies to the building materials specified in design, and used during construction. To ensure sustainability on long term thermal performance, FOAMGLAS® cellular glass insulation is used for the soffits and outdoor roof terraces.

FOAMGLAS® insulation was used for the driveway and roof terraces throughout the entire building.

FOAMGLAS® F was applied in areas where there is a demand for compressive strength, primarily upon the basement roof which is beneath the vehicle approach up to the hotel entrance. FOAMGLAS® does not deflect or move under compressive loads, and so the high-quality paving stones upon driveway are fully supported and cannot move or crack. FOAMGLAS® F also insulates the inner courtyard with its lavishly planting and paving.

Rooftop terraces upon the sixth and seventh floors around the pool and staircases, the piano bar and the gourmet restaurant were insulated with FOAMGLAS® T4+. The majority of these areas were finished with porcelain paving tiles.

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