Club Natacio Atletic


Atlètic-Barceloneta Swimming Club is one of the oldest and most important swimming clubs in all of Spain. Condensation on the walls and roofs of the facility is a real issue. FOAMGLAS® insulation solves that problem permanently as it is 100% water and water vapour resistant, forming a continuous vapour barrier.

Building type
Swimming club
Compact Flat Roof on trapezoidal metal deck

Atlètic-Barceloneta Swimming Club is the Vice-Dean of swimming clubs in Spain and was one of the pioneers in developing these sports specialties, sharing activities with their counterparts in Barcelona and Sabadell, clubs with which the Spanish Swimming Federation and the Catalan Federation of Swimming were founded respectively in 1920 and 1921.

The risk of condensation forming in the walls and roofs of these premises is therefore significant with well-known consequences such as moisture in the insulation causing a drop in thermal performance, decay of the organic elements, corrosion of the metal components, peeling or blistering of some coatings, premature ageing of the building fabric and spalling concrete on the surface of the ceiling.

Whatever the hygrothermal conditions, it should not be possible for the vapour to diffuse into the building fabric and be exposed to the dew point temperature at which it condenses. Perfectly impermeable to water and water vapour, FOAMGLAS® insulation is a continuous vapour barrier that does not require the use of an additional vapour barrier if installed in a compact system.

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