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Ganshoren (Brussels)

Villa’s van Ganshoren, a Brussels-based housing company, chose FOAMGLAS® insulation for the colourful façade of apartment building ‘247’. It’s not hard to see why: FOAMGLAS® offers a constant insulation value throughout a building’s lifetime. It is also non-combustible, airtight, non-compressible and offers thermal resistance.

L Bellello
Ventilated Façade with cladding

For their apartment building ’247’ the Brussels-based social housing company ‘De Villa's van Ganshoren’ specified FOAMGLAS® façade insulation with fibre-cement rainscreen façade panels.

Irrespective of the weather conditions or the moisture content of the ambient air, FOAMGLAS® insulation offers an insulation value equivalent to traditional systems; whilst also providing a proven long term thermal performance for the lifetime of the building.

FOAMGLAS® Slab insulation is 100% non-combustible which is very important for façade installations. FOAMGLAS® insulation does not compress under load and so the support structure for the fibre-cement panels is fixed on the outer surface of the insulation, instead of being secured in the traditional manner behind the insulation.

This unique fixing method reduces the traditional thermal bridging. With its long lasting insulation system, and the playful variation in colour and shape of the rain screen panels, this façade will be a highly recognisable feature, for many years to come.

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