Functionality and Benefits of
FOAMGLAS® TAPERED Roof Insulation System

Durable and Flawless Insulation

FOAMGLAS® TAPERED is a durable insulation solution that offers peace of mind. Its high compressive strength ensures no deformation, eliminating the possibility of flaws or damage. Proper drainage and watertight insulation mitigate the risk of future leaks.


Easy Installation and Reduced Waste

Installation of FOAMGLAS® TAPERED is straightforward. We provide comprehensive instructions at no extra cost. The system is designed with smaller formats (60 x 45 cm), reducing the need for on-site sawing and decreasing installation time and waste.


Maximize Efficiency: Optimal Slopes
Integrated with FOAMGLAS® TAPERED Insulation

Cost-effective Solution with Reduced Material Usage

By using FOAMGLAS® TAPERED, no additional sloped screed needs to be provided. This reduces the total weight of the roof structure, saves on labor costs and building materials, and saves time because the screed does not have to dry out first.

Due to its 100% waterproofness, the FOAMGLAS® TAPERED system ensures that in the event of a leak in the waterproofing membrane, the damage remains very local and is easy to repair without having to replace the entire insulation layer, as with other insulations.

After the membrane has worn out, it can often simply be peeled off the FOAMGLAS® TAPERED insulation, after which a new waterproofing layer can be applied, with or without an extra layer of insulation.

This makes the FOAMGLAS® TAPERED system a cost-efficient solution in the short term in the event of leakage, but also a very sustainable solution that saves a lot of costs in the long term.